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A Picro-Brewery that Aspired to be a Small Nano-Brewery but became a Memory

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Rainy Day Red

Granny Dropper

Three Hops PaleAle

Lilly White Stout


Two Harps Brewing was a small Pico-brewery that started as an idea and over the years progressed to a small craft batch brewery. Two harps started as a father son project but became a husband and wife brewery, a hobby that went way to far. We have closed our modest brewery as it was only our part time job capable of producing no more than 500 barrels a year on a homemade 1.75 bbl system. Not enough to keep up with demand so it was go big or go home, we decided not to take on another full time job so as 2015 began, it was the end for Two Harps brewing


Two Harp Brewing is a brewery that is dedicated to making great beer with flavor. The brewery was started as a sideline and is not our primary lifeline. Since this is a sideline there are no restaurants, tasting rooms or public access to the brewery so our only goal is to make great ales for the retail market.


The brewery is located in Kennewick WA. After a year, the brewery is went live. Our first keg went on tap May 24th.

Now we support a rolling tap at the Fox and Bear Public House where they have good food and a great selection of Northwest Microbrews.


Two Harps Brewing was founded in 2012 as a non-retail brewery so it is not currently open to the public.


This is a test to get the feet wet in the Nanobrewery world to see if we can make a go of it or if we crash and burn. The goal is to eventually get a small nano brewery but didnt want to check the depth of the water with both feet so the future is...


A Red Ale with a Spotted Past

This ale received its name after our liver spotted Dalmatian of 14 years moved to the big couch in the sky. This red ale is sweet with a light hop middle with a fruitiness in the finish. Not heavily hopped so the malts are the stars of this ale giving a sweet start with a fruity finish. This is a well rounded ale that most will enjoy.


  • Grain Bill: Two Row Pale, Caramel, Dark Crystal, Barley
  • Additives: None
  • Hops: Goldings, Fuggle
  • Yeast: Irish Ale
  • Bitterness: 18.0
  • Alchohol (ABV): 5.7%

Three Hops-Three Times for the Hop Lovers

THB Three Hops NPA is a Northwest Pale Ale modeled after the traditional English IPA but made with HIGH alpha hops with Extreme flavor profiles. Three Hops is hop fragrant ale that has a crisp, clean beginning with light fruit tones, a middle of citrus fruits and finishes with strong hop bitterness.


  • Grain Bill: Two Row Pale, Crystal, Aromatic
  • Additives: None
  • Hops: Warrior, Zeus, Citra
  • Yeast: Dry Ale
  • Bitterness: 90.4
  • Alchohol (ABV): 8.9%

The Name Says it All

THB Granny Dropper is nut brown ale guaranteed to put grandma out for the afternoon. This ale contains a light hazel nut flavor with a twist on the English traditional nut brown, a chocolate coffee after taste that will leave you wanting more of the light bodied fully flavored granny putter outer.


  • Grain Bill: Two Row Pale, Caramel, Munich, Honey, Peat Smoked
  • Additives: Cocoa, Coffee
  • Hops: Perle, Mt. Hood, Chinook
  • Yeast: Southwest Ale
  • Bitterness: 20.0
  • Alcohol (ABV): 8.7%

A Dark Ale with a Hotspur influence

A dark, almost black ale in the style of the Imperial Stout . This stout features a heavily roasted flavor profile using chocolate malts giving a dry champagne cocoa note. To enhance the flavor profile lactose and oats are added during the boil giving the body a sweet cream back pallet mouth feel. Dark cherry fruit added to the fermentation complete the flavor profile to smooth the smoky chocolate malt and completes the full mouth sensation of a sweet stout.


  • Grain Bill: Two Row Pale, Pilsner, Chocolate, Oats
  • Additives: Black Cherries, Cocoa, Coffee, Lactose
  • Hops: Cascade, Fuggle
  • Yeast: Cream Ale
  • Bitterness: 34.2
  • Alchohol (ABV): 5.4%

Three Hops-Three similar to the IPA but less Hop

THB Three Hops NPA is a Northwest Pale Ale with hops from the Yakima Valley. This ale uses HIGH alpha hops with Extreme flavor profiles but in limited quantity to allow the sweetness to flow through. Three Hops PA is hop fragrant ale that has a crisp, clean beginning with light fruit tones, a middle of citrus fruits without the strong hop bitterness.


  • Grain Bill: Two Row Pale, Pilsner, Crystal
  • Additives: None
  • Hops: Summit, Warrior, Citra
  • Yeast: California Ale
  • Bitterness: 61.6
  • Alchohol (ABV): 6.8%